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Happy National Side Chick Day😤

Hey there, lovebirds! Hope y’all had a fantabulous Valentine’s Day filled with heart-shaped chocolates and Instagram-worthy date nights. But hold up, it ain’t over yet! It’s time to give a shoutout to all the side chicks out there, 'cause guess what? It's National Side Chick Day! 🎉 Yeah, you heard it right, boo! Today’s your day to shine, bask in the glow of those discounted chocolates, and revel in being the queen of his discount castle.

I mean, let’s be real, being the side chick ain’t just a title, it’s a lifestyle. You’re used to being the understudy, the understated presence in his life, getting the leftovers during every holiday season. From Christmas to Fourth of July, you know you’re getting the hand-me-downs. So why should Side Chick Day be any different, am I right?

But hey, you’ve got skills, babe. You’ve mastered the art of accepting less, whether it’s his attention, affection, or emotional intelligence. You know your place in this discounted love story, silently observing from the sidelines while his ego and libido take center stage. It's like being a saleswoman, peddling his affection with a smile, all while keeping those dirty little secrets locked up tight.

And hey, let’s not forget, his money spends just as well as his love, right? So why not enjoy those discounted gifts and gestures, knowing that you’re getting a bargain on his affection? So here’s to you, side chicks everywhere, keep slaying with that sassy attitude and remember, discounted love is still love... kind of. 😘💋 #HappySideChickDay

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