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How I leveraged 7x pay just by quitting my job

To begin with, my quest for a new job commenced discreetly during my lunch breaks to avoid encroaching on my hard-earned time-off or accumulated sick days from my previous employment. Through a process that involved interviews and onboarding, all managed via my phone during my spare moments, I made steady progress.

Remarkably, this was interwoven with the routine of my regular life, punctuated by jury duty that was ultimately canceled and visits with family.

Navigating through the training for my upcoming role was strategically coordinated to align with my ongoing work commitments. While some advised me to use my vacation days to prepare for the transition, I was reluctant, knowing that the unutilized week would be financially compensated upon my departure.

Embracing patience, I chose to work through my last week at the current job after formally submitting my two weeks' notice. This approach allowed me to tap into both the training pay for the new position and the initial week's hold of my health pay from the previous role. Topping it off, my various side engagements contributed to my income during this period.

In a remarkable turn of events, I was on the cusp of a financial windfall, set to receive seven separate payments over the next two weeks. The new company I joined even offered an enticing incentive, compensating me for implementing loss prevention strategies. As I embraced the promise of the first week's salary from my fresh venture, my aspirations were anchored to a concrete goal: amassing $10,000 in savings before the Thanksgiving festivities roll around. This journey signifies not only a lucrative professional leap but also a meticulous approach to optimizing my financial stability.

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