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I'm no stranger to the HUSTLE

Embracing Life's Adventures with a Touch of Humor

As someone deeply passionate about fashion, my motivation is twofold: I seek both style and security. Every purchase I make holds a special place, as it contributes a share to my mother for the representation she offers. Whether it's second-hand finds or affiliations with stores providing discounts to share with my friends and followers, I've coined this approach as "securing the bag." Interestingly, my boyfriend playfully labels me high-maintenance, a title that I wholeheartedly embrace, especially considering it comes from a Deputy Director of Facilities and Maintenance.

When Opportunities Transform

I once owned an aerial arts dance studio, a hidden gem where daily classes and private parties flourished. As doors closed and paths shifted, I now proudly helm an event planning company. Our services range from luxurious private aerial dance instruction to delightful cottage food options, complemented by indoor and outdoor accommodations. My hobbies serve as wellsprings of creativity, enabling me to personalize every detail for my clients' special occasions. With my trusted partner Boomer, we craft custom decorations and signage for each event, and I offer professional upgrades including photography, personalized charcuterie boards, tents, and even igloos.

A Splash of Humor

Known for my quirky sense of humor, I effortlessly find lightness even in the darkest of situations. Whether embracing dark comedy or engaging in madcap antics, I'm at my best when playfully exploring the world. My mastery of improv fuels my ability to accept challenges without hesitation. You might catch me breaking into song and dance as if I'm living in a musical, or conversing with animals like a true Disney Princess. This isn't delusion; rather, it's my way of spiritually connecting with all facets of myself. Honesty is my policy, and I'm unafraid to engage with difficult questions. My shrewd and mentally engaging demeanor can ruffle the feathers of narcissists, and I consistently seek out rays of light in the darkest of corners. While I don't bear the sole responsibility of creating light for others, I wholeheartedly choose optimism as my guiding force. While I'm willing to concede when necessary, one thing is certain: I will never surrender.

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