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It’s time to work on me, while working for me.

Well, it's been a straight-up struggle for your girl lately. I'm a stylist who lives for transforming people's lives with my eye for detail, but I've been feeling mad undervalued and underpaid at my job. I mustered up the courage to ask for a raise during my review, thinking I deserved it, but they shut me down like I was talking to a brick wall.

But I didn't let that stop me. Being the creative queen I am, I got resourceful - started using my man's BJ's membership to stock up on snacks and drinks for my events. I even assembled my own lil dream team of associates to slay the stores' social media game. I had this extravagant Bridgerton-themed tea party planned in my backyard to kick off our new partnership, but life said "not today, sis" and I had to cancel it.

Little did I know, my raise request came at the same time they were low-key investigating my styling methods. What I thought was me just doing my thing to perfection, they saw as a threat to the company. In a wild twist, they straight-up fired me, leaving my coworkers shook, thinking I dipped out on them.

But here's where it gets real – I realized I'd been clocking in but not out for breaks and lunch. Girlfriend was out here skipping meals, grabbing a quick bite while still on the floor helping my colleagues cover their lunches. I thought I was being efficient, but really I was stealing time from my job and breaking their trust.

On top of that, I'd become a straight-up shopaholic, buying stuff on the daily. Part of it was to meet my sales goals and get my coworkers shopping, but a big reason was wanting to treat my massive family. I loved being able to get them gifts regularly, but it got overwhelming coming home with multiple bags every day, knowing that stuff would be donated after one wear.

I even misled friends, family, neighbors - you name it - convincing them to join this "cult-like" shopping with those extended credit cards and rewards, all to access the deals. They really make you go overboard, y'all.

Once I realized how deep I was in it, I had to own up and apologize to anyone my actions affected. I knew I had work to do to regain that trust and prove I could do better.

Moving forward, I'm staying focused on using my time right and keeping it 100% honest and real. I know my worth now - I'm not settling for less than I deserve. If a company wants me, they need to back that up with the right pay and resources to do my job effectively.

I'm also prioritizing taking breaks when I need them and using all the benefits I've got access to. Building relationships with vendors and beauty crews is key too - it adds that exclusive touch for the clients.

Meeting those goals and quotas is still important, but I'm dedicating real time to prepare - like at least two weeks for pre-sales, studying up on discounts, rewards days, all that. Keeping constant communication with my clients through calls, texts, emails to really understand and meet their needs.

My journey has shown me the strength of self-reflection and resilience. By owning my mistakes, I've found redemption working for myself as an influencer and stylist. I'm connecting with local vendors, joining the chamber of commerce, and running my own legit home business on a real schedule.

To anyone who supported me, I'm truly sorry for letting you down. My colleagues brought so much value and I regret any inconvenience I caused you all.

At the end of the day, my story is about humility, bouncing back, and constantly growing. As I start this new chapter, I hope others can learn from my missteps and get a fresh start too - one built on being real, accountable, and truly valuing their time. I got this.

And as they say, time is money.

I want to extend my sincerest apologies, especially to you. Your support and guidance have been invaluable to me in my role as a stylist. I deeply appreciate all the assistance you've provided, and I recognize the immense value you bring to our team.

Your contributions have been instrumental in my growth and success, and for that, I am truly grateful. Please know that I am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment my actions may have cause to all my coworkers, – I'm sorry. I let you down by not addressing this sooner.

And to squash any rumors before they start, I have receipts for every single thing I ever taken out of that store, even stuff I forgot I bought. But time? That's something I can't give back.

But hey, I'm not here to dwell on the past, look like a liar or blame someone. I'm looking forward to bouncing back from this and seeing where life takes me next. If you follow me on social media or my blog, you'll see how my journey unfolds.

To whoever steps into my old position, my advice? Stick to your guns on what you're worth. You'll end up spending most of your paycheck back in that store, trust me. But hey, it's been a blessing to work for such a major corporation, and I'll miss everyone dearly.

As for me, I'm embarking on the next chapter, now working for myself as both an influencer and stylist. Starting anew with my previous clients, forging connections with fresh local vendors, enrolling with the chamber of commerce, and establishing official business hours from my home office. So here's to new beginnings and learning from our mistakes. Thanks for listening, y'all. Thank you for listening, and please know that I'm truly sorry💕 #OwnUp #NewBeginnings #SelfReflection #NewBeginnings #StartingOver #SecondChance #ApologyAccepted #MovingForward, #LearnAndGrow #FreshStart #RedemptionStory #Forgiveness #CareerRestart #OwnUp #Resilience #ProfessionalGrowth #HumbleBeginnings #Rebuilding #NextChapter #SelfReflection #CareerJourney #StrengthThroughAdversity #EmbracingChange

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