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My Birthday

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

I feel like Pookie from New Jack City, addicted to nature "it be calling man" I need to be recharged like a human Tesla in the sun near a body of moving water feeling the wind in my hair, barefooted grounded by the earth.

Originally I won a trip to the Bahamas but felt it was a waste of that summertime fun if I were to go during my birthday, that should be a winter vacation option to mix up the lack of vitamin D I so crave all year long.

But I desire the nature that awed me as a child and pushed my curiosity into overdrive.


soooooooo making birthday plans isn't easy for me because I often have friends all over the world. I'd love to celebrate with, but cannot bring together under one occasion. We used to be able to at Nicks pool party, but that wasn't really celebrating our birthdays more of our student appreciation for the studio, however I actually miss my Connecticut friends .

So letting my boyfriend know what my plans would be, he came up with this scheme to out birthday me.

I will birthdays are only five days apart so it doesn't allow much time to surprise one another

Being a water sign himself he found a great escape

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