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Not so basic Bitch

My personal style can be summed up into chic classic and stylish my aesthetic is often determined by my mood and my day throughout my night has a mood I’d like to set an order to be successful for each day. My knack for fashion began as early as three. My mother would dress me in designer and custom-made items from her up-and-coming fashion friends and designers.

I always had a need for cleanliness and a well put together look that often turns heads. Knowing beauty and its standards very in many ways style and fashion should be some thing experienced by every one. Fashion helped me create a persona that lead to many business ventures in many different industries. While still in school I decided to study automotive repair when my options were too small for my big dreams meanwhile I had to wear school uniform that often inspired by fresh prince of Belair I would revamp Style to fit my mood.

Eventually as I got older the same navigation towards style created by lifestyle as an image consultant and a buyer for the brand BeBe. I eventually would gain many clients through word of mouth of my styling ability and my special eye for the unique.

As a visual and graphic designer I find myself off  breeding the same style aesthetic to my work when building for devices. I enjoy the tedious work it takes him to fulfill a design process I often negate my needs to help others elevate their moves. I truly take design seriously.

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